A Bus Trip

Part 1
Day 1, Wednesday , A sunny day

I was waiting in my room
For my phone to make a ring
While I surfed best places to dine in;
shown there in screen wholesome, face of my lady.
blushing muse of mine, who uttered “reach there in five minutes”

It was just a couple of minutes walk
Still I ran, ran my heart away
And found a place in the sprawling bus stop
I looked and saw everyone in joy
conversing commuters heading in sway

There, from a crowd she emerged
Combing her flocks to one side
We saw each other
Like always, we spotted together

She came to me , came close and we shared greetings
she had an earphone, visible from a long sight;
in striated colour tone of cheetah’s skin.
It was mine once and she had taken it from me;
For the love and bond we shared

I took one bud and immersed into my right ear
I looked at her and smiled
“the song you sent me yesterday ‘psycho killer’,
I liked it ” said she
We both shook our heads with the beat
When it played”Psycho Killer
Qu’est-ce que c’est
Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-far better
Run, run, run, run, run, run, run away oh, oh, oh, oh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!”

When the song ended she looked at the sky and said
“We have been sent good weather”
“yes, it seems ” replied I
Moment of pause later we laughed out loud
It was our little secret!

I scanned her face when there was silence
Silence made me study her
She looked more beautiful today
Her locks of hair resting in her shoulder;
rustled at the little wind
And I spotted her bra strap,visible outside her dress
“hey look, it’s visible” I cautioned her
She put it inside at once and gushes some air out

Twenty minutes had passed when the bus arrived
And it was almost full
But we had to board in
And we did it with ease
Found a comfortable space with her;
next to an occupied double seat
Close to each other, rubbing our bodies
We stood there as One!

I made a cover around her, reaching my left hand over the seat
“Did you start writing your short story?” enquired she
“No, Not yet, I just assigned some characters, thats all”
“Uh-hmm” went she
I stood there, with my glance straight;
looking outside through the window
She looked back occassionally, without turning her head
Only a slight turn and the rest with her right eye
I stood more close to her, as if embracing.
There was smell of lavender in the air

Minutes passed, She turned her head to the back;
as if to tell something
I took my ear towards her mouth to listen
And she whispered “my handbag is tiring my hand”
Then a couple of seconds later, gave it to the man on the seat
He held it on his lap, wound it with both his hands

He looked at me in a composed way
Calmness like a saint, with a glowing face
He was not a typical man, someone special
Someone who travelled a lot unlike me
He had an air of an actor with a saint like smile
A handsome dude, so it annoyed me a bit.
Couple of minutes later she inclined more towards him;
minding her business with her phone

When another man from the seat left, she took that place
Sat there, welcomed by his smile.
I got a frame of them both sitting together
Casually holding their heads straight
No eye contact at all with me

I was being pushed and booted in the rush
Finally to the front I was placed
There to a hand bar I found relief and looked at them
Away from me , they started to talk
They shared warm smiles and glances
She was really impressed with him, it seemed
No fear in her face right now
Not even the dark webs weaved by the spider in her heart was there!

Soon I too got a vacant seat next me
I sat there with a heavy heart
It was hard to breathe, felt suffocated;
turned my head towards them.
I couldn’t see them in a single frame this time
Only his face is visible
That smile, that movie star like smile was still in his face
Was he the coveted angel they talked about in myths and novels?
Was he the one who scripted all the ancient love stories?
Or was he the fallen angel from heaven?

When the bus came to a stop
I looked back and saw both of them for a second
Who knew what they were talking!
She was blushing freely on his words
It was not a good sight
My heart was pierced
Cavities overflown with blood
I let out a heavy sigh

Bus stopped at another stop
Ten more minutes to the place we were heading
I held tight my temper and wait for the time to pass
Then the bus moved for seconds and halted with a jerk
Moments later resumed with a jerk and sped its way

I wanted to look at them for the last time;
before we get down
But I decided not to, rather immersed in other thoughts
Stops passed, minutes passed, only a couple of stops left
I turned my head back, Yuck! where are they!
They were not there
That seat was now occupied by two middle aged men
I went to the back side
No traces of them anywhere
And got down at the next stop

I was frozen
I became deaf
And I was dead inside
Minutes passed
A drop of sweat from my eyebrow;
fell right into my eye
Thus I came back to my senses
I took my phone out, opened it.
Wallpaper showed her pouting face
All of a sudden, got her call
I took it even before the first ring
Nothing could be heard on the other end
Only her panting and sighs
And the call was cut.
I was dead again!

To be continued…………….

By cypher

Breaking free....

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