A Poem Unwritten

Close your eyes and listen
For I lay my pen on the
blank pages before me
I did write something invisible
Only your ears will be heard
I am gonna recite, So listen dear
You will be guaranteed multiple orgasms!
Let it be the fine poetry you ever heard
Let it soothe you at painful times
And be reverberated in you for ever
So dear, be at ease, let’s listen

By cypher

Breaking free....

12 replies on “A Poem Unwritten”

I love how it looks like some of your work focuses on listening. My mother-in-law always call me “the listener”. I think this is probably just because I am quiet, but I have recently gotten heavy into podcasts and audiobooks and of course, music. I look forward to more of your writing.

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Thank you for your beautiful words😌. I too am a quiet listener in life. At times some of my friends come to me with their problems and open up their mind. It’s not that I can solve their problems but rather I listen to them.. and could make them laugh and feel a bit better at the end. Keep supporting 💙

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