To My Valentine

On the path which leads to her

I could see those signs of her numerous births and deaths

Look! Look there…

It’s her, dying again

Embracing an imminent guest.

Reached out to her, thumping my heart away

Took her head into my lap, caressing her cold brittle cheeks

A salty drop of mine washed her desolation

My fingers crossed her buttons and reached those lonely nipples

Making those harder, I sucked for nourishment

Her body shivered when I was done

Her eyes overflowed and opened to see mine

” I knew…. You would come” said she

Please…. Stay with me, for this time”

It was my request in vain

She said nothing, but looked into me

In to my conscience

And let out a smile, heartily, genuinely

” This is it dear, let me take leave and

let me feed you again in another time and in another place”

Please my love” I begged her

” Next time wake me with more passion”

Her smile started to glow in that dark night


By cypher

Breaking free....

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