Woman in Love

She blushed a little
A little of a grin it showed
Her hands were thin and brittle
That clubbed with mine it moved
When I called her my ‘dusky queen’.

We went to the hill top
There was no path to lead
So we made one, together
Caressing those bushes;
that fluttered in the grassland

There were rocks towards the tip
Small and large ones, that looked like chairs
She held my hand and brushed it slowly
Her cold little fingers on my hairs

I sat there on a large rock and she on another
She looked at me and said “its a nice view”
“Yes it is , it will be better to dusk”
Then she came and sat next to me
She rested her head on my shoulder

“What was that dream you talked about”
She made a face and asked
“That you said you made me wet twice”
continued her with a blush
“Had we but world enough and time,
This coyness, lady….. were no crime”;
was my reply

“That’s what the poet said man”
She showed her discontent
“ that dream we were making out;
in the shower, fully drenched”
said I looking at her
“You are watching too much porn my man
Too horny even in a dream”
And gave a punch on my triceps

Minutes passed as we talked in silence
Her breath gave me the warmth I needed
I dragged her close and kissed her on earlobes
Rubbed my lips to the cheek and then to the lips

When we were done with lip work
She looked around cautiously
Then combed her hair locks and turned to me
“Nobody is here, we have the freedom dear,
we are on our own” I assured her

“Come” I welcomed her
She came to my leg space and sat there;
leaning on me, resting her head on my chest
I patted on her shoulders
And caressed her head to and fro

She immersed herself to me
I took my hands and clenched it to hold her belly
Thus rubbing her breasts on the way
I put a kiss on her head while I did this

She started humming various tunes
I tickled her as I moved my fingers over her
At times fondled her breasts lightly;
making her feeling better with touch

“What are we gonna do” asked she
“We are gonna make love dear”, a chuckle followed
” You know, I haven’t ever told you that I love you”
went she in an authoritative tone
“I know, we are more than just lovers”
“Uh-hmm ” was her reply
“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour” recited I
“That Tyger Tyger guy” she got it right

My fingers drew small sketches on her belly
I took my left hand and rubbed it between her legs;
bitting her ears willfully.
She wore a jeans, so it hardly allowed me any touch
I put my hand inside her pants, over her inner
My fingers played some rhythmic beats
And she danced to that as well

When minutes passed, more it covered depths
I put my fingers inside her;
fondled those vertical lips;
while I admired her moaning.
“Are you wet my dear” asked I
“Hmm..yes” was her reply

She stopped my hands, let it away
Sat straight and looked at the sunset
Tied her hair vigorously
Rubbed her face with both hands
And took my hand “come” she said
We got up and looked at the horizon;
reddened with the setting sun
She held my head close to her
Put her lips on mine and started to suck

She was hot at that time
She emitted heat as did by the sun
Took apart our lips, we looked at each other
Her face said it all
There were few drops on her upper lip

Turned back, she took a stroll
I followed her
Stopped while reaching the grassland
She turned back and looked at me
“look here, its a bed of greenery for us”
said I smiling
“come sit then” and she made me sat there

She was in her white striped shirt and jeans
Which was a present given by me
I was in a yellow T shirt and shorts;
that she adored much.
We came close and kissed voraciously;
switching lips and hugging freely
I gave a kiss on her shoulder
and let loose her tied hair

I started unbuttoning her shirt
Her gaze fell on me and then to the buttons
Took off her shirt
She wore a black camisole inside
I noticed her well shaped melons
Her erected nipples made a mark
We hugged again and kissed
My hands moved to her perky boobs this time
Felt those pointy nipples, brushed it with fingers;
making it more rigid and stiff

She helped me took off my T shirt
A breeze whooshed by;
giving us goose bumps
She got hold of her cami
Lift her hands and took it off over her head
Her pink bra contrasted her skin tone
With her coy smile she looked at me
My eyes locked on her black mole;
just below her neck

I rolled my fingers through her bare arms
Scratched her back with nails;
and it glided on her sweaty skin
I unhooked her bra and she took it off at once
“Whoosh” I released a sigh
Her perky little ones are visible now
They really were to be appreciated
I kissed those in turns
Right to left, then left to right
Like a child I sucked those and wanted more

Minutes passed
We were naked in that grass bed
We rolled there beside our piled clothes
We made love twice
Twice we came together
Second one was longer
We held on for long
And when she came she said;
“I have never come this hard before”
I brushed her hair and kissed her head
when she said “thank you”

Soon she took charge of the act
She made me go in between her legs
Then commanded “Do it”!
I did what I was asked
She bent her body
Moaned and groaned as freely
No need to lower her sound
No need to hold her mouth
We had the freedom we craved for.
Her yells and cries echoed in the wind

When we were worn out
We laid our back on the grass bed;
looking at the sky and the covered moon
She broke silence saying ” Can we have one more round?”
“No, no, I don’t think I can” my tiring voice told her
“Lets give it a try” said she smiling
“miles to go before we sleep….
miles to go before we sleep….” recited her
I looked her in wonder.
She got on my top and started to pound
“let’s die together” was her command
And we made love once again.

Time ticked away
Sun gone to his abode long far
Twilight made way to a night so humble;
leaving us in that meadow so green
My head rested on her bosom
I was pillowed in that space
She rolled her fingers over my hair
That comfort, that tenderness !
I closed my eyes
She held my head in her hands
And kissed me on my forehead
I cooed like a child in front of her

We saw glowing here and there;
among the grass and on the trees
That was all over the place
She sat straight
I too lift my head and made it rest on her lap
We both watched that sight together
Those fireflies just gave us a treat.

We helped each other get dressed
There was a slight pouring from the sky
It was a drizzle
We shared a show down kiss, that warmed us
She looked more sexy then
It was time for us to go
When the drizzle intensed
She took off her shirt and covered us both
“Shall we go now” asked she
Looking at her with a smile I said
“Yes dear”
We made steps together
Caressing those bushes down the way.

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