In a Hotel Room

Finally, we are here!
With in the four walls of a room
Paradise, privilege of being alone.
Privacy pats our shoulders
Wind blows with a romantic air
White doves next to the boulder;
cooing with their mates for care
Pitch perfect! all is set to begin with

Still standing next to the bed
She frowns a bit when I look
My gaze falls on her conical eye brows;
and thin lips of kisses
Unpacking her bag she takes out dress to change
I sit there in a corner watching her
With an inviting gaze, she gets inside washroom
I release a sigh,
Another one
Then stretch my hands
And keep waiting

30 minutes gone
She comes dressed up
In a white spaghetti top and black shorts
She wraps her hair in a towel;
tucks it behind her ears
“you have got an elephant’s trunk” I tease her
“yeah man, I have tusks too”, showing her pointed nails
We both laugh
Then she unwraps the towel
showing her glossy armpits
She asks “what are the plans for tomorrow”?
“Get into the bed at once, we will discuss” reply me

Wraps her hair to the side, she gets in
We sit beside each other leaning the wall
“so what’s up”? asks she
“all good”? ask me instead
“everything is hunky dory” she looks at me
Suddenly her phone rings
she takes it and cuts it
The same thing repeats
“Its **** ” utters she
“oh” I detest it
“hmm” her sigh
“Why he calls now” asks me in a hard tone
“don’t know” with a frowned look
“Haven’t I told you to keep him at bay” state I
“I know, anyway I am not going to answer him now”;
says she avoiding eye contact
I look outside through the open window
Doves are still there;
cooing endlessly as if having an argument

She caresses my hand, makes me comfortable
Tricks me to start talking
“what will we do tomorrow? where will we go?”
I reply that we will explore a new place
trek a while and reach a hill top
“Will we get to see the sunset”? enquires her;
with her eyes wide, making love with mine
“yes of course, its a must no?” I smile
She wraps her hands around me and bites my cheek;
so cheeky and kisses there slightly
Takes my hand to her belly, gently touching;
Moves downwards inch by inch
Suddenly she holds my hand saying “this is not the day”
I look at her, expressionless, plain and naive
We shake our head in unison showing “no”
And then we laugh out loud

It’s getting late, close to midnight
I take out a blanket from my bag
Wraps around her, covers her fully
But she refuses and puts it aside
She hugs me instead, tightly as ever
“I need this warmth” says she with a coy smile
I hug her in return
Make her sit in between my leg space
She leans her back on my chest;
and starts humming her favourite tune

By cypher

Breaking free....

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