I deleted those photos
Those memories of special moments
(As I was told)
Those everlasting time frames;
were once dear and meant to cherish for ever

It was some decision
Hard and helpful at the same time
Like that, think I should delete some persons too
My friends and ‘more than a friend’ types
A requiem to the not so good past

I was never mentioned in their stories
Not even got a place in their group photos;
facebook posts, instagram posts and whatsapp stats
“cause I was not officially recognised as ‘someone’

They forgot my birthday
Though they asked its date way before it;
and after it is gone
I heard all the excuses whenever I invite;
them to my birthday party
Those mean excuses……I hate them

Lies are served in, pretty much the same through out
They got coloured as to the occasions
In gossips I was always the ‘someone’
That was recognised and enjoyed by all

Those who sent regards online
The ones always actively connect to others;
expressing their wishes in words so filmy.
They only do it to the same kind
Boys to boys and girls to girls
Those I trusted and cared most, exchanged their excuses
languidly, as they are told not to do so in open
They said they are being watched by their relatives(dear ones)
(could be their secret boyfriends or girlfriends)

This servility, the love I still have for them
Its toxic and needs to be stopped
Like those photos I have sent to eternity
These people! whom I have nothing more to convey
They were changed and they moved on
People move on and they fuck
I do neither and am still waiting

By cypher

Breaking free....

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